Comparing Ourselves to Others in the Networking Community

I know a few engineers who get down on themselves for not being part of certain online networking conversations or not being part of particular slack groups. I like to be reasonably transparent with my friends, so it’s been humbling to have folks be transparent in kind and share that struggle with me.

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400 Bad Request Error on the Cisco ISE 2.3 Guest Portal

I had to deal with an issue with a wireless network guest portal for a customer recently that had me and TAC stumped for a month. The splash page seemed to load fully, but there was always a small spinning circle in the center suggesting something on the page didn’t quite finish loading. It resulted in end-users seeing an intermittent but frequent error when they connected to the guest wireless getting the redirect URL to the guest portal page on Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.3. The error was


[ 400 ] Bad Request,The request is invalid due to malformed syntax or invalid data

and here’s what I did to troubleshoot and eventually fix it.

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