Get Plugged Into the Global Tech Community

Years ago I had a manager explain in casual conversation that if a technology professional wanted to grow and advance to a high level they’d have to relocate out of upstate New York.

However, I just don’t think that really matters anymore.

I live in the Capital Region of New York State – a small metro area about 2 hours by train north of New York City. It’s nothing like any of the global economic and technology centers of the world. It’s quiet, average, and in the winter it’s pretty cold!

It was around 2014 when he made that comment, but even at that time any sort of ambitious, hungry engineer was plugged into the global community of technology professionals. Learning and career opportunities had very little to do with where you lived – so long as you had an internet connection.

My Friday advice to you is to get plugged in! Contribute on LinkedIn, follow the leading engineers in your field, start a blog, get a Twitter account, contribute in the various networking forums online. Engage the community!

Whether you’re in midtown Manhattan, Tech City London, Silicon Valley, or you’re in a tiny town outside a small city, you still have amazing opportunities to learn and grow your career if you just spend the time to get plugged in.


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