My Network Cutover Soundtrack

Here’s a list of carefully thought-out pairings of songs for specific types of network activities like cutovers, refresh projects, and typical pain-in-the-butt network tasks.

Click on the network-y activity to listen, and make sure to have your sound at a decent volume. Most of these tasks take longer than the length of one typical song, so usually I’m listening to the entire album.

Keep in mind that these links open a YouTube window. Feel free to refute, agree, or suggest alternatives in the comments.


1. Hacking out ACLs for an ASA cutover

2. Racking a pair of massive data center core switches

3. Mission Critical Site-to-Site VPN Troubleshooting

4. The moment you’re in the middle of CLI drudgery and you begin to sense the entire 2am cutover starting to go south

5. Rebuiling a Call Manager after hours from an old backup

6. Mounting a couple hundred access points

7. Bouncing data center core switches back and forth during a code upgrade

8. Configuring routing and seeing adjacencies coming up perfectly on every router

9. Spending the afternoon placing hundreds of access points in Prime

10. Troubleshooting some gear while suffering from the flu and sitting in the cold part of a data center

11. Driving home in the middle of the night in the summer with the windows down and moonroof open after a gloriously perfect cutover 

12. Putting the finishing touches on an AMAZING IDF re-cable

13. Working on documentation

14. Driving home in the middle of the night tired and hungry after only a meh cutover

15. Cranking out emails

One thought on “My Network Cutover Soundtrack

Add yours

  1. 1 – Powerman 5000 – Invade, Destroy, Repeat

    2 – Collective Soul – Heavy

    3 – Trivium – Brave This Storm

    4 – Hoobastank – Out of Control

    5 – Cake – No Phone

    6 – Rocket from the Crypt – On A Rope

    7 – Prong – Ultimate Authority

    8 – zebrahead – Headrush

    9 – Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

    10 – XTC – Snowman

    11 – Unwritten Law – The Celebration Song

    12 – Tremonti – Radical Change

    13 – Weezer – Hash Pipe

    14 – Soil – Breaking Me Down

    15 – Drowning Pool – Bodies


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