Locating Wireless Clients and Location History in Cisco Prime with CMX

Locating a wireless client in real time and viewing its location history in Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a little bit different with CMX than with MSE. In this post we’ll walk through the few steps to locate a wireless client among all your maps and then view its location history.

First log into Prime, and in the Dashboard enter the MAC address in the search field in the upper right of the screen. You can also search for the specific client in Monitor -> Clients and Users or you can simply click on the client number under Authenticated Clients in Dashboard -> Client Summary under Metrics.


Because I normally already know the MAC address of what I’m looking for, I just paste the MAC address in the search field on my Dashboard. Select View All when the client populates in the search window, and you’ll be brought to the specific client information screen. Click on Location which is found in the center of the screen under Session.


You’ll be taken to the map of the client’s current location. Enter the MAC address in the Search on Map field located in the middle-top of the screen. This will cause the sidebar menu to open with the client listed at the top. If you hover your mouse over the client in sidebar, you can see the current location of the client on the map.


Click on the client to open the client location information menu, and click Playback at the bottom.


Here you can change the timeframe and the playback speed, then click the play button to display a playback of the client moving through your facility. You can use this function to drill down into a specific day and time to view historical information of client location.


Another way to view location history, especially if it’s through multiple maps, is to view the client directly in CMX and simply enter the MAC address of the client in any of the maps. CMX will redirect you to the correct map if necessary, and you can run a playback there as well.



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