Networking and Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I believe continual professional development is absolutely necessary for workers in the IT industry, and for a network engineer like myself, blogs and podcasts have helped with my own professional development as much as formal training courses.

Below is a list of the technology-related podcasts that have been my go-to when driving the many miles I travel per month. Most are networking-related, but some cover information on security, cloud, virtualization, etc.

There are more out there, but these are the handful I always seem to gravitate to. I’d love to get your recommendations for podcasts I should be listening to, so please let me know in the comments.


Heavy Networking on Packet Pushers (networking)


A standard for the industry, the weekly Heavy Networking podcast from the Packet Pushers dives deep into networking technologies from both an engineering perspective and with a practical mindset.


Clear To Send (wireless)


A podcast devoted completely to wireless networking including shows discussing real-world scenarios, emerging wireless technology, and wireless networking industry news.


Network Collective (networking)


A collection of mostly technical podcasts centered on networking, whether that be technical deep dives into a beloved routing protocol, industry news, historical accounts, and career advice. Industry experts are brought in regularly to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their perspective on industry news.


Security Now (security)


Under the This Week in Tech (TWiT) umbrella, this podcast with Steve Gibson focuses on various aspects of information security including both consumer and enterprise, regulatory issues and industry news.


The CTO Advisor (virtualization, cloud, etc)

A series of podcasts with a distinct business-oriented perspective on cloud technologies, virtualization, big data, and the occasional career show. Keith provides a very practical perspective to applying technology in the real world.


Zigbits (networking)


A solid podcast on networking, careers, and emerging technologies led by Zig Zsiga, a high level networking pro, who takes deep dives seriously and discusses networking topics in the context of their real-world applications.


Virtually Speaking (virtualization)


A weekly show with industry experts focused primarily on virtualization with VMware.


On-Premise IT (variety of technology areas)


A shorter show, the On-Premise IT podcast brings in voices from the community to discuss a wide range of technology including networking, storage, cloud, emerging technology, careers, and industry news.


Cisco Champion Radio (Cisco networking)


A podcast series sponsored by Cisco and the Cisco Champions program on Cisco networking, emerging technologies, Cisco cloud, infosec, etc. Episodes are found on iTunes.


The Cloudcast (cloud technologies)


A podcast focused on cloud technologies including integration, emerging technologies related to private and public cloud, security, tools, and careers.

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  1. Very beneficial post for the people who desire continuous self improvement, thank you. Could you please recommend any blogs to follow? (except yours:) )


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