Yet Another Tech Podcast

This year I started to get very bored with tech podcasts. There seemed to be a new one every day. Sometimes high quality content and production, sometimes mediocre.

“Ugh, not another tech podcast”, I’d think to myself, rolling my eyes.

But then I remembered how many TV channels, streaming shows, and movies there are out there. New music coming out constantly. Books of all genres being published every day.

Something finally clicked, and I realized podcasts are no different.

I did a mental 180, and my growing aversion to the ever-increasing number of tech podcasts turned into anticipation for the next voice and the next perspective on what’s usually a very narrow topic.

Instead of rolling my eyes when a new podcast comes out, now I think to myself, “cool another option to check out.” There’s no rule that says I have to be a fan of every single one, and there’s no rule that says I have to listen every day.

I appreciate that there’s a new(ish) media format that caters to very specific content areas and has almost no barrier to entry. Anyone can join the fray of amateur and professional podcasts. It only adds to my ability to learn and be selective in what I want to listen to.



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