What are the Marks of a Good Network? (Twitter Responses)

Last night I tweeted the question:


It was Sunday night, so I didn’t get an overwhelming number of responses, but I did get more than a few.

tweets 1

Then a few more:

tweet 2

And then a few more:

tweet 3

I feel like there’s a theme here. A good network has something to do with technology, but much more to do with its proper design, operations, and documentation.

Good design meets the business’ needs without unnecessary complexity and provides resiliency.

Good operations means engineers have full visibility into the network and don’t have to spend all day firefighting because the network is stable.

And, of course, good documentation.

Are these the marks of a good network? Is there anything glaring that we missed?

One thought on “What are the Marks of a Good Network? (Twitter Responses)

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  1. I am a rookie here, but based on what I’m learning, I would say…

    1. Infrastructure (a good network infrastructure should match the businesses needs)
    2. Naturally good Security
    3. Integration
    4. Resiliency
    5. Scalability (fault tolerant without sacrificing security)

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